Information about online lessons 

How is an online lesson conducted? 

It's almost like the face-to-face classes. I welcome you to my virtual Zoom room (video conferencing software) where participants can see and hear each other. 

Then you lie down on the floor on an insulating mat, carpet or blanket, close your eyes if necessary and listen to my guidance. While following my instructions, you make small, slow and gentle movements and feel inside yourself. 

During these movements, you learn to observe your sensations and the way you carry out movements. The different variations of the movements allow you to find the movement sequence that suits you best and enables you to move painlessly and easily. 

My job is to observe your movements and direct your attention with verbal instructions. 

At the end of the lesson you can feel the difference to before in your perception. You will have the opportunity to ask questions or share your experiences from the lesson. 

What do you need for that? 

• Warm, comfortable clothing and socks 

• Towel or thin folded blanket as a head pad for lying on your side 

• insulating mat or blanket as a base 

Technical requirements for online participation 

To participate you will need a laptop/PC/tablet with a microphone and camera so that we can communicate and I can see you. You can either download the Zoom application in advance ( or simply call it up via the link that I will send you by email after you have registered. 

If desired, we can arrange a short, free appointment in which we can test your technical requirements for the online lesson. 

Information about the free online trial lesson 

 In the trial lesson I first tell you a little bit about the Feldenkrais method and the way group lessons are conducted. After that, I will guide a lesson and at the end answer your questions. 


Feldenkrais® free online trial lesson - on request

Why online Feldenkrais 

Since the Feldenkrais method is not about imitating certain movements, it is very well suited for online teaching. The participants have the opportunity to do something for their own health and well-being with little effort, in a familiar environment and a diverse group that might otherwise never come together.